PLuck & Devour

What is ‘Pluck & Devour’? 

The words come from the last line of a lesser known James Joyce poem ‘A memory of the players in a mirror at midnight’. I first came across it whilst studying Music at Queen’s University, and the phrase stuck in my head ever since. Pluck & Devour started life as a lazer cut jewellery label in 2011. 

Now, several years later, I have decided to develop the brand name and expand what it stands for… The ‘Pluck & Devour’ Studio is a destination for Irish Fashion & Interiors, plus workshops BY APPOINTMENT at The Refinery, Sandy Row, Belfast. 

The space was formerly my millinery studio only, but now not only will the millinery be available to purchase or hire, but many of the beautiful surfaces the stock will be displayed on will be there for you to buy also!! Pluck & Devour studio will be a hive of L U X E C Y C L I N G …it has been a buzz word in the current interiors scene for a few years now, I will be showing you all step by step the incredible transformations possible, quirky one offs, you know, my kinda thing…!

We have some new creative brands coming to the space for sale including uber stylish footstools by Nicola Parkes Upholstery, fashion/art etc so there’s gonna be TONS of news to share in the coming weeks… i won’t spoil it all by telling you everything today, no way, that’s no fun!!! Yous are gonna have to come along for the journey on here and my new @pluckanddevour instagram page to see what’s going down….!!! Wish. Me. Luck!! 💋

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