Privacy policy

In short, we will collect some information if you wish to use our services and order a hat but we do not share that information with anyone unless it is necessary, like the postal service.

The information we collect

We only collect information from you when you decide to use our services and order a hat or another product we may have on the store. This information is collected in the checkout phase e.g. shipping information and payment method.

How we share your information

Payment Method
If you wish to use a service like PayPal to pay for your order, some data will be sent to PayPal which is needed to process and support the payment.

Shipping Information
Your shipping information like your post code and address for example will be shared with the postal service to ensure your order will be safely and timely delivered to you.

Contact Form
Our contact form does not store or share any of the information inputted into it.

Cookies and Tracking

To keep track of the carts information we use three cookies. The first and second cookies help us with the cart information and helps the cart update when the contents of the cart change like adding an item, removing an item, changing the quantity. The third cookie gives the customer a unique number to help the store find the cart information. These cookies do not store any personal information.

Change of Privacy Policy

If our privacy policy changes either due to the change of our own business practice or even due to the change of law we will have a notice placed on the website notifying the user of this change and where they can check out the updated privacy policy. Email notifications about changes in privacy policy may also be available at a later stage if we decide to add the ability for users to create accounts.