This really is my first blog post… who cares?

Ok, so here I am. Finally writing a web log. Just a tiny bit late to the party you might say… I’ve been humming and haa-ing over this thing for, well, years. I mean, don’t we all kinda hate bloggers? secretly..? not so secretly? or is that just me…..!!!? I’ve decided to embrace my urge to write. I have a head FULL of ideas. Really, if I’m honest, that’s probably my downfall. I butterfly from one idea to the next, one idea in a contest with the other, survival of the fittest. And so after much mulling over and consideration, This For That :: Quid Pro Quo has been born today on a cold September early evening in Belfast.

So why did this take me so bloody long….? I guess the main reason is that I have soul searched for a way to write which might just have a purpose. Be thought provoking, offer something to others, create positive energy which can be exchanged.

What is Quid Pro Quo anyway…? Back in the day at school, I really quite liked Latin. Well I liked the teacher, Pascal – we all called him by his first name, conjugating verbs and ‘translating’ passages of Homer’s Illiad. In truth it was more like cogging notes and scraping through with answers akin to ‘The People called the Romans, they go the House’* (*see Monty Python for ref). But genuinely I loved the romanticism of Latin, the precious ring to the words, the holyness of the language, spiritual and deep. I don’t know quite how the hell the phrase Quid Pro Quo popped into my head, but it was like a rush of adrenaline when it happened, a flash of ‘Oh f*uck, that’s it, that’s really the phrase that nails it…!! It’s my blog which will be honest, open, warts and all and take me to a positive place where I can do things, help others do things, help make connections and develop ME in the process.

Quid Pro Quo means This for That, something for something.

I’ll do THIS and I’ll get THAT in return.

My lack of love for the blogging fraternity for so long was due to the ‘Take-Take, and then tell everyone how great it is’ mentality, and as I’ve come to realise that wasn’t entirely fair. I think waaaaaay back, the transparency of bloggers and what they earned, what they received as freebies, what doors were opened to them, was extremely low. Muddy waters. The newer generation of bloggers of all ages and backgrounds however has fought that image and is thankfully more open about how the whole transaction takes place. For many, blogging is simply that they wanna write some stuff down and get their thoughts out there. And sure there’s nowt wrong with that.

So I’m writing. I’m gonna write what I think. I’m gonna make sure that if you are reading my blog you know WHAT I GOT.  And getting back to my butterfly ways, I’ll be exploring ideas in all manner of different subjects – not just millinery and fashion which i’m probably best known for, but all creative industries, culture, cuisine, home, health, love and living life to be the best that we can be. Not necessarily in that order. Together. So let’s get scratching each other’s backs…

Feedback welcome. Just don’t hate me. lol.


12 thoughts on “This really is my first blog post… who cares?”

  1. Mitto mittis mittit! Haha! Allow me to add to the spiritual romanticism of the Latin language! Only messing! Very brave Grainne, to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard (I’m so old school)! I completely relate to having multiple ideas competing with one another and trying to figure out how to present a few of them in a cohesive manner! Getting there though. I guess it all happens at the right time. One of my best friends always says to me when i’m feeling a bit shit or in a rut ‘it’s all happening perfectly’! So I’m paying that forward to you. It’s all happening perfectly Grainne. Good luck and big hugs! Love your style of writing by the way! Great flair…but we all know you have that in droves anyway!

  2. Hi Grainne,
    Very impressive indeed. I agree whole hartedly with you, that blogging for everyone of us, covers more that our own business structures, but all creative industries, cultures, and ofcourse our every day to day living environment .

  3. Mary thankyou!! yes that’s it… there really are great bloggers out there and I aspire to become one of them in time. Really nice to know that my friend’s are tuning in, was a bit scared to tell you the truth that this would disappear into the ether!!! watch this space!! <3

  4. Aw Olivia I love you too honey!!! such kind words, I hope to god I don’t disappoint lol!! It’s lovely to know there’s a bit of inspiring going on… and you too baby, you rock!! thanks for reading my virgin post, and here’s to many more… let’s get scratching each others back’s on something soon..?? Quid Pro Quo all the way!!! <3

  5. Great 1st day at blogging school Gráinne! Honesty appeals so keep it up! Look forward to reading more frank & honest pieces…and of course, style notes!

    Best of luck!
    Ps – love the name 🙂

  6. Hello G,
    Great to see your first blog which reflects your upbeat personality!
    I notice you reflected back on school days and I think of one Form Tutor who called you “a great all rounder”
    which you definitely are.
    Be a glass half full girl, disregard the negative or jealous people you meet, and along with the hard work try to fulfill your dreams AND most of all have fun along the way!!!

  7. Love a bit of writing, especially if humour is thrown in ! Will be good to read this ( nothing like a bit of good blogging in a sea of crap bloggers ! I will watch your space ! Well done you , being brave to do new things takes a bit of guts ! Go for it x

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