Scalpels, scary moments and a sated palate…

And so the journey continues…

It has been a really great couple of weeks since my first post, and I have been delighted with the reaction and encouragement I have received from friends and strangers alike. Cheers people!!

Scalpels. Not exactly the tool of choice for anything concerning my face! …but following on from a general moan to anyone who would listen about my stubborn milia ( very small keratin filled spots which appear just under the epidermis – also known as ‘milk spots’) that I have promptly ignored for ages, I decided to embrace the offer from my  friend Lindsay Workman, owner of LUXE Day Spa in Bangor, to treat me to a ‘Dermaplaning’ session, to get my skin prepped for a milia extraction on my next visit.

#darkhairedgirlproblems… As soon as I arrived at LUXE I explained to the lovely Caren who was about to embark on my treatment that I had another major skincare worry. I’ve toyed about sharing this one, as I guess it’s not really the talked about thing – lady moustaches.

Yes, I have one. I mean, I know I have that Frida Khalo look about me, a mono brow which I pluck happily in my sleep practically, no worries, but it’s the upper lip shadow which if I’m honest has me completely paranoid about ‘selfies’ and live video posts, which I’d love to get started on. Am I vain…? Well yes, definitely!!

I scarred myself. That’s what I shared with Caren. I actually scarred the skin above my lip with facial bleaching creme (Jolen bleach), because after using that product for YEARS without any trouble, I stupidly purchased the regular version instead of the ‘sensitive skin’ version, simply because Boots was OUT OF STOCK. My bad. I have extremely sensitive skin, I hide it from the sun’s rays, and am a bit of a freak about using SPF even in the winter time. So as a result of the careless bleaching which was stinging like crazy, but because I’m hardcore lol I left it on my skin, bleaching away those pesky dark hairs. Not realizing I was damaging the dermis and creating a pigmentation scar. Suddenly I found myself with lovely blonde invisible hairs, but with a roaring red patch, which evolved into a dark scarred skin line. Groan.

So that’s why she suggested Dermaplaning. It’s a new procedure, whereby the therapist/aesthetician moisturizes and massages the facial area in advance of then gently scraping the entire face with a surgical blade, removing any soft downy vellus hair (peach fuzz) and dead skin. It felt strangely satisfying!!

The care and attention Caren took on my face was incredible. She masked off my sensitive upper lip area with cream at first to avoid unnecessary irritation, and did the same with a few prominent moles I have on my face. The scraping then begins. Pulling my skin taught gently, the 10-gauge blade is stroked across at a 45 degree angle, removing 21 days worth of dead skin cells.

She then drenched my skin with an Enzyme treatment… bliss!! You can feel it tingle in a ‘Oh class, this is really WORKING’ kinda way. It felt like the fresh air in the room was even reaching right into my face, I could feel it brighter and opened up. I was then left to relax in the semi darkness, after a bonus arm and hand massage, and the sensations on my face just kept intensifying as I lay there.

I’ll leave it at that. I think you’ve got it by now. I love Dermaplaning.

So where’s the QUID PRO QUO…? Well, I have done ‘mates rates’ for Lindsay in the past with hat hire and bespoke millinery, but honestly, I owe her another freebie hat hire after this. It’s not just about the treatment itself, it’s about the sensitive way herself and Caren dealt with my ‘Frida’ situation. Thumbs up girls.


Scary Moments. I’m totally exaggerating. It wasn’t that scary at all if I’m honest, but I did have a wee heart race when it was my turn to speak… I’m referring to my #NIBloggerBrunch ‘elevator pitch’ which I delivered to the 60+ Bloggers in attendance. PR maven Cathy Martin hosted this the second brunch for Northern Irish bloggers and press, brand managers etc to get together and network in the stunning new cafe/bistro come art gallery – GALLERY – on the Dublin Road, Belfast. Chandelier envy, go see it for yourself!! After enjoying a three course brunch, we all listened to each other take to the floor to let everyone know what our ‘thing’ is. I guess my thing is that I’m a blogging newbie, I’m a mid-divorce mum of three, hatmaker, opinionated creative embarking on a new life chapter, wanting to show off/develop a skill set that’s more than ‘making pretty things’.


Sated. Hello food. Hello healthy, uber tasty, beautifully presented, Paleo (more about that another time) food. I have eaten better than I have ever known in the comfort of my own home in recent months, all thanks to my wonderful partner Alan, chef. I’ve always loved great food and eating out, (I mean, who doesn’t!!?) but being spoiled at home has become a regular occurrence, and I’m not ashamed to admit I could get used to this… I’ll let you into another secret though, and this is the icing on the cake – Alan DEEP CLEANS every inch of the kitchen once he’s finished….!!! In a borderline OCD fashion, every utensil and surface that’s involved gets the once over, or probably twice over knowing him… Have I died and gone to heaven……? I think so.

Thanks for reading… G x



3 thoughts on “Scalpels, scary moments and a sated palate…”

  1. I loved reading your blog!
    Knowing also that my daughter Lindsay and my adopted daughter Caren looked after you so well made me proud.
    They are so passionate about what they do.
    As are you… I feel the passion in the way you write.
    Keep on blogging darling…. love it

    Lizzie x

  2. Not only do I have a moustache, but I fear I would have a beard if left to its own devices! Unfortunately i have also a bit of a phobia about being fiddled with (in a non sexual way of course) otherwise your skin treatment sounds fab x

  3. Grainne we all have our facial cross to bear at our age but give me a dark haired upper lip hair problem over smoking induced wrinkles any day! Your face is flawless so big up to ya! Not to lessen your pain but hair can be removed, wrinkles, not so much! You’re stunning! Love your blogs…so refreshingly honest! Meant for this!

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